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Of the Wing: The Legend Awakes
Georgia Anne Butler

Five stars (out of Five)

The use of fiction in introducing readers to the natural world in such detail makes this a book worth sharing.

Joyce Rice

Visit Penn State's WPSU-FM radio program BookMark to hear a recent review of The Legend Awakes, book 1 in the trilogy Of the Wing.

This book lacks nothing. There is a bully, a loyal friend, a man in the woods and an old widow. Those descriptions are just scratches on the surface of what they truly are. I love Victor and his Cochiti heritage. I love the friendship he and Claire share. It is what I would consider a typical friendship for 11 year old children to share. There are ups and downs, there are fights and mends. It is a dynamic friendship with ties to Claire’s toddler years.

I have the second book in the series sitting on the table next to me as I write this review. The second book is The Ivory-Billed Obsession and I can not wait to begin reading it. I believe I am now obsessed with Georgia Anne Butler and can not wait to delve back into the life of this eccentric and wonderful little girl she has created. Her writing style flows like a calm river taking the reader downstream and around bends effortlessly. This book is intended for the Middle Grade range but older kids are apt to enjoy it too. I did. I really truly enjoyed it. I could see the birds described in the book, I could hear the calls as they were written and I could feel the passion the writer has for the subject matter. There is nothing quite like a book that can ignite all of your senses and this book is one of them.

Ahgoo Review, Melissa McGinty
October 7, 2011

Of the Wing: The Legend Awakes is an unusual bird-related book that combines mystery, passion and relationships together with birding prowess and a commitment to conservation. Perfect for readers and birders of all ages, this first book in the Of the Wing Trilogy is an enjoyable read with a pleasant birding focus.

Melissa Mayntz, About.com Guide

"A rare bird of a children’s book that encourages young readers to become environmentally conscious."

Kirkus Discoveries
See full review at www.kirkusreviews.com

"As a retired middle school language arts teacher who emphasized reading hugely, and who has read A LOT of teen fiction, I can tell you that your book is in a niche of its own, one of the reasons I like it."

Anne Hobbs
Public Information Specialist, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

"The Legend Awakes is a fast-paced story with engaging characters, the first book in what promises to be an exciting trilogy. The appealing main character is a young girl, Claire, whose appearance is as different as her worldview. Everywhere, she sees kindred spirits among the beauty and complexity of nature. When she becomes friends with a young boy on her school bus, it is the start of an exciting journey together, as they share a special world with each other—and us. My fifth-grader particularly liked reading the adventures these two have together.

The Legend Awakes is a real page-turner, with just the right balance between plot and character development. You won't want to put it down! The characters are real and likeable as they deal with familiar (and not-so-familiar) struggles in each of their lives.

As my 5th-grader said as she finished the book, "I can't wait for the next one!" Me, too! "

Anne James Rosenberg
Youth Education and Outreach Coordinator Cornell Lab of Ornithology

"This is one book you have to read. I loved it; couldn't put it down. Grabbed me from the first page. The book is so wonderfully written. I could almost feel the seasons change and smell the pies baking, and I wanted to run and play with Sammy. I'm happy to have met the author. I can't wait for part two."

Mark Kercenneck
Clearfield County Bookmobile

" Georgia Anne Butler has opened the door to reading for my students through her book The Legend Awakes. As Central Pennsylvania natives, my students have made connections with Claire, Victor, Billy and Sammy and the forested mountains of their adventures, having them ask daily if we are going to read “The Book.” I introduced the book to them through a lesson on the parts of a book. For the first time in my teaching career, I had undivided attention and complete silence for almost an hour from a group of preadolescent children who struggle as readers. At the end of the lesson and reading of chapter one, my classroom erupted with questions and comments which have continued each day as we read Georgia’s book. As we read I incorporate in small lessons and use of the seven reading strategies. The students love it and are demonstrating use of making connections, inferring, and visualizing. One student said, “I like this book because it has excitement in it. I can’t wait until we read more of it to find out Claire’s next adventure.” This book is a must have for children and adults alike who enjoy nature and wildlife intertwined with excitement and adventure."

Heather Jacobson, M.Ed
Learning Support Teacher
DuBois Area School District

"The Legend Awakes is the first book in Georgia Anne Butler's new Of the Wing trilogy, a series of short chapter books appropriate for children and adults alike.

Claire Belle is a young girl who lives in Pennsylvania with her mother, Louise. As a toddler, Claire was saved by the red-tailed hawk when she became lost in the woods. She has since become an avid birder who has the special ability to attract her feathered friends. However, she hides this gift from the world, along with her other unique trait: the golden color of her eyes. Her favorite thing to do is take long walks in the woods with her dog Sammy and look for birds. One day, during her walk, Claire meets a man with a chicken named Jerry. Soon Jerry, Claire, and her friend Victor are involved in a fight to save the red-tailed hawk from Claire's gun-wielding neighbor, who happens to be the father of Billy, whom she sees as a threat to her friendship with Victor because of Billy and Victor's shared interest in video games. Claire must fight to win over Victor while saving the birds she loves so much.

This is a great book for children above the ages 8 or 9, and is also a good light read for adults of all ages! In the book, many different bird species are mentioned and described, helping to teach both children and adults how to identify birds. It also instills in children a respect for nature and wildlife through this inspiring story of a young girl and her unique connection to the natural world.

Georgia Anne Butler lives in Central Pennsylvania and is an avid birder and stargazer as well as author. She plans on releasing the next book in this trilogy in 2010."

Helena Kotala
The Gnatcatcher: Newsletter of Juniata Valley Audubon, November/December 2009

. . . for the most part I found the book the right combination of violence, darkness, hope, wonder and promise. I have to think any kid who reads this book and understands it will be the better for having done so. Isn't that the unstated promise of every good children's book?

Mike Nardine
Your Book Review

"It only took Kacie one weekend to read this book which means that she really enjoyed it. She especially found Claire to be an interesting character and felt like she could relate to her because they both love animals and nature. She also found Claire’s secret powers to be intriguing and even started to wonder if she (Kacie) had secret powers of her own. Of course, I told her we all have our own secret powers even if they’re not the magical kind.

What I really liked about the book was the way it made you more aware of how important it is to take care of Earth’s natural beauties. I think it’s so important that kids learn to appreciate and learn to take care of the environment around them. Of The Wings helped to get this message across while making it fun and entertaining in the process. We’re looking forward to the next book scheduled to be released later this year."

An Island Life April 17, 2010

"The author does a great job of combining nature and wild life with excitement and adventure."

JoAn Martin
Baytown Sun, June 20, 2010 (Houston, TX)