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Teacher Resources and Author Visits

To be a birder...

To be a birder, you must also be an adventurer, a detective, and a collector. Find out why. Download the To be a birder... handout.

Reading Comprehension: Vocabulary and Discussion

Provided below are reading exercises (one per chapter) for The Legend Awakes.

Reading Comprehension Exercises (chpts 1-6) in PDF Format

Reading Comprehension Exercises (chpts 7-12) in PDF Format

Reading Comprehension Exercises (chpts 13-18) in PDF Format

Writing Unit: Claire Encounters a Bird

In all but three chapters of The Legend Awakes, Claire encounters a bird. Some of these encounters are more significant than others but all are special to the girl who loves our feathered friends. In this writing unit, students will be given the opportunity to write a short scene incorporating a bird encounter in one of three chapters (10, 13, 16). But to do so, they must first become birders, just like Claire!

Writing Unit in PDF Format

Schedule an Author Visit to Your School

Georgia Anne Butler lives in Central Pennsylvania and will visit schools within about 25 miles of her home free of charge. Schools falling within the 50-mile range are charged for gas and mileage expenses ($25). Visits beyond 50 miles are charged relative to distance and/or the necessity of arranging for local overnight lodging and meals.

For more information or to schedule a visit, e-mail Georgia at georgia@ofthewing.com