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Meet the Birds of The Legend Awakes

The main bird character in The Legend Awakes is Big Red, a Red-tailed Hawk.  But throughout the story Claire encounters many different birds. Below you can meet the birds (by chapter) that Claire sees and hears in her daily adventures.  Which of these birds do you already know? If you know some by sight (for instance, the bright red male Cardinal), do you also know him by sound? The Northern Cardinal has many songs and calls.  You can become a birder, just like Claire, by taking the time to watch and listen for birds when you go outside.

1 Claire sees a Red-tailed Hawk swoop down to snatch a garter snake.

Redtailed hawk photos

2 Searching without luck for a Red-bellied Woodpecker, Claire hears one call to her.

Red bellied Woodpecker photo by Robert Snyder

3 A male Northern Cardinal comes to visit himself in Claire’s mirror.

Cardinal photo by Robert Snyder

4 A group of noisy, nosey crows follow Claire and Victor through the woods.

Crow photo by Robert Snyder

5 Claire stumbles into a flock of Wild Turkeys that take flight all around her.

Photo of wild turkey

6 Claire meets a Barred Owl sleeping in the fork of a pine tree at dawn.

Photo of barred owl

7 Two homing pigeons strut nervously atop a barn roof as Big Red dives from the sky.

8 Claire watches a red-crested Pileated Woodpecker flying low through a treeless corridor in the woods.

Pileated Woodpecker photo by Robert Snyder

9 Both Becky (a Rhode Island Red) and Patty (a homing pigeon) await Claire and Jerry in his woodland cabin.


Your turn!

Insert a bird encounter into this chapter. Hint: In what scene might Claire have heard or seen a bird? And what bird might she have heard or seen? Get ideas by reviewing posts by the author in the Bird Blog.


11 Claire and Victor watch a Snowy Owl huddled in the hollow of a hillside.

Snowy Owl photo by Robert Snyder

12 Claire watches an American Robin pull a worm from the ground while another sings from the branches of a locust tree.

Photo of robin


Your turn!

Your turn to insert another bird encounter. Post this to the Bird Blog. Be sure to indicate the chapter.

14 Lying beneath a white pine tree, Claire sees a male American Redstart fly into its branches followed by the female.


Photo of Resdtart

15 Claire and Victor hear the sweet, rippling, flute-like notes of the Hermit Thrush.

Hermit Thrush photo by Robert Snyder


Your turn!

Make this bird encounter one where Claire or Victor hears (not sees) a bird. Post this to the Bird Blog. Be sure to indicate the chapter.

17 Claire shows Jerry how to draw in a Black-throated Green Warbler.

Photo of Black-throated Green Warbler

18 Victor, Claire, and Billy see a Great Blue Heron flying low over the treetops. 

Great Blue Heron photo by Robert Snyder

Photos 1a, 5, and 6 by Karl Eric Leitzel. Photos 1b, 2, 3, 4, 8, 11, 15, and 18 by Robert Snyder.