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Georgia Anne Butler portrait photoEducator turned author, Georgia Anne Butler is now completing her third book in the trilogy Of the Wing, which follows Claire and her friend Victor through birding adventures in the woodlands of Pennsylvania (book 1), to the bayous of Arkansas (book 2), to the enchanted lakes and hills of Ireland (book 3).

Butler began her career as an instructor of English composition at The Pennsylvania State University. Later she taught in adult education before returning to higher education as an editor and designer of online courses. Under the tutelage of her husband David E. Butler (who died in 2005), Butler became a birder and thereafter conceived a story of a girl with an inexplicable ability to attract birds. The Legend Awakes (book 1) was released in 2008 (a second edition in 2010) to critical acclaim. The Ivory-billed Obsession (book 2) was released in July 2011.

In May 2016 Butler returned from a second research trip to Ireland where she revisited locations used as settings in her third book, now nearly complete. Here she stands on the shores of Lough Gur, the Enchanted Lake, the major setting of Champion of the Wing.This book, last in the trilogy, is scheduled for release in 2018.